Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ghajini - The top grosser.

This is again about a news item in Times of India dated 10.1.2009. It was reported that the film Ghajini has grossed Rs.200 crores within 2weeks of its release.The film has, reportedly, become the first to gross Rs. 200 crores at the world wide box office- Rs162 cr. from domestic market and Rs 39 cr. from overseas.
Along with the news item a list of 10 all time high earners in Indian cinema has also been given. The films are SHOLAY, MUGHAL-E- AZAM, MOTHER INDIA, HUM AAPKE HAIN KAUN, DILWALE DULHANIYA LE JAYENGE, GADAR- EK PREM KATHA, SANGAM, BOBBY, KRANTY and GANGA JAMUNA.
While, even in the absence of collection figures, accepting they are the highest earners, one thing is quite striking. Except the two films, viz.,Gadhar ek prem katha and Kranti and probably Sholay,
the other 7 films were big musical hits and songs and music contributed a lot for their success at the box office. Out of the 10 films 3 films (Mother India,
Ganga jamuna) had music by Noushad. Sangam had music by Shankar Jai kishan, Bobby and Kranti by Lakshmi kanth Pyarelal, HAHK had music by Ram Laxman, DDLJ by JatinLalit and GEPK had music by Uttam Singh.In fact Sholay's music by RDBurman was also very popular. As the music of Ghajini is also a big hit, a few things are clear.
1. Music still forms an integral part of Indian films. For a film to succeed at the box office music is a must.
2. Except perhaps HAHK, DDLJ andGEPK the remaining 7 are films of yester years and are musical hits.
3. The music directors of the 10 films, except Ram Laxman, Jattin Lalit and Uttam singh, were musical stalwarts and their very names and the names of the films inspire awe among music lovers. The song scenes in these films are also spectacular. The music of Ghajani is also by a young stalwart, A R Rahman.
4. The fact that Ghajini has collected Rs. 200 cr in 2 weeks is good news for the film industry as a whole.
5. The gramophone records of these films are collectors' items and a look at their jackets evokes nostalgic memories about a golden past in Indian films and film music.
6. The list of films also reminds me of several other blockbuster musical films the gramophone records of which fill my shelf.Who can forget films like Madhumati(Salil Choudhury), Kohinoor(Naushad), Nayadaur(O P Nayyar) ,Dil apna preet parayi(SJ), Nagin (Hemant kumar), Aaradhna (SDBurmen), Aanarkli(C Ramachndra) and many more?

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