Sunday, April 19, 2009

About Record Players.

I have received a few messages from gramophone lovers asking me whether Record Players are available in the market and where they can get them . Some of them have asked me the addresses of shops selling them in the U.A.E , as I had mentioned in a previous blog that they are available in UAE. While it is difficult to locate shops selling them exclusively, there are several grey market shops in old Dubai area where one can buy them.They can also be acquired in bigger and more popular music shops in UAE against specific orders. Regular contacts and follow up with dealers will facilitate mattters. In fact Gramophone/Record Players are even now being made and marketed in several countries.
As the market is now limited only to the enthusiasts, the dealers are not stocking them in large numbers or of different brands. Combo models,viz., Record player,Radio,Cassette player,CD,MP3,VCD and DVD player all rolled into one, are also being marketed. In TCM TCHIBO,a shop in OUTLET MALL, DUBAI,I saw a Record Player displayed. I have recently purchased a new BUSH record player from a shop near Naif Police Station and near to Hotel Hyatt Regency in Dubai. It is a new record player cum Radio with built-in amplifier and speakers.It is a simple set weighing about 2.5 kgs.which is portable and easy to operate. The price was also reasonable.A photo of the set is shown above.