Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have been away from music with JAYSWORLDOF MUSIC for about two months. Happily, I am back in the midst of my radios, gramophones and records once again. During the last two months I was travelling abroad mainly in U.A.E. and, of course , Kerala. During my travels I was always on the look out for Gramophone records and gramophone accessories etc. Indeed I could get a few rare records and equipments during my search. I would write about the records in due course. But let me show you the picture of an amplifier that I acquired for which I have been on the look out for a long time.

This is a 'TECHNICS V6' 2x70 watts RMS amplifier of the 1980-81 make with
separate inputs for Phono( Magnetic cartridge and Magnetic Coil cartridge), Tuner, Tapes and Auxiliary and tape to tape dubbing. It has provision for 4 speakers (two main and two remote). It is in great working condition and looks brand new without any scratches on the body.

I also got a new gramophone turntable , BUSH MTTI Model. It is a simple

turntable without amplifier and speakers with a magnetic cartridge. It is suitable for attaching to an amplifier and speakers as it has a built-in pre-amp.It is light weight and easily portable and low priced. Well suited for cool personalised listening.

What I could find nowadays is that several music lovers, young and old, are taking a lot of interest in gramophones and records and it is becoming increasingly difficult and costly to acquire them. There is also renewed interest for old valve radios as more and more enthusiasts are acquiring them for their old world charm and for displaying them in their living rooms! Antique shops are still stocking them but they are becoming dearer. Old Malayalam and Hindi LP records are also in great demand. This may not be good news for buyers but for people passionately pursuing it as hobby,increase in the number of their tribe is always a positive development. The pleasure in collecting an item also increases as competition becomes stiffer. Besides, the realization that the value of their existing collection is going up goads them further in their pursuit.


Haddock said...

There is no dearth of Records (some collectors still stock them), but getting a player is the difficult part.

Jay's music world said...

Visit or for record players.