Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vasu Pradeep-Kozhikode's own artist.

I had in my post(February 2011) on MamuKoya mentioned about Vasu Pradeep, a close friend and associate of Mamukoya and had stated that his contribution to Malayalam art and drama has not been given due recognition.

I opened the newspaper of the 4th April to be greeted with the sad news of his passing away at a private hospital at Kozhikode. Vasu Pradeep and his 'Pr
adeep Arts', situated on the S.M.Street, were part and parcel of the Kozhikodan life in general and Kozhikodan art, drama and literature in particular. I had seen Vasu Pradeep walking through the streets of Kozhikode in the 60s and early 70s and had talked to him a few times with some of my friends of those days like Ravi and Gopi who had close association with Kozhikodan stage those days. We used to wonder at his deep knowledge in art and drama and his association with the outstanding personalities who used to visit Pradeep Arts. The newspaper reports on his death give a glimpse of the man and his contributions.

One more typical Kozhikodan personality mentioned in Mamukoya's biography and a part of the glorious Kozhikodan past has vanished into memory.

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google blogger said...

In memory of a great man
I remember my days in "Pradeep Arts"
He gave me some tricks on portrait painting.He was a great personality with deep knowledge on Arts.When it comes to work, he was a man of perfection. The portrait painting of late CH Mohammad Koya in calicut town hall is a testimony to his knowledge in portrait painting.
I pray for his soul to rest in peace.
jana, calicut