Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Long Live My Old Radios

As an enthusiastic lover of music,in general, and film songs in particular,and pursuing the hobby of collecting gramophone records,I could collect thousands of film songs on vinyl records, cassettes, CDs and USB/SD devices. But I still love to listen to music on gramophones(Record players) and my old valve radios, a Murphy (Mayfair) , a UMS(p3) radio and a Phillips radio mainly due to their old world charm, good sound quality and the original undistorted voice available on records. Besides,when we play a record,cassette,CD or USB/SD device we get a song(s) of our choice. But while listening to a Radio there is an air of anticipation about the next song and very often,all on a sudden,we get a forgotten old 'favourite' giving us a lot of listening satisfaction.A radio broadcast (especially by AIR)usually gives the name of the singer,music director and even lyricist which adds to our information and helps to enjoy the song better.
With the advent of FM Stations, the number of radio listners has increased considerably and radio is gaining popularity again. Still,I prefer the old SW/MW stations and Vividh Bharati DTH service as they transport me to the nostalgic days of my college life in the 50s and early 60s; the happy days of listening to Radio Ceylon and Vividh Bharati; the Binaca Geetmala programme of Radio Ceylon by the golden voiced Ameen Sayani. The listeners' request programmes of RadioCeylon (now Srilanka Broadcasting Corporation) and the Manoranjan,Aap ki Farmaaish and Chhayageet and similar other programmes ( which are still available on AIR DTH ) were real treat to the ears compared to the cacophony and nonstop exercise of the vocal cords on trivia by the RJs of new FM stations.In the 50s and early 60s even radio was not available in many households. We used to stand before hotels,radio shops and public parks to listen to the songs blared out on radios!!Not only films and actors but also singers,music directors and lyricists were subjects of hot discussion after each Binaca Geetmala programme on Wednesdays(8PM)!!Those were the days!!I am happy that I could preserve my radios and can still listen to Radio Ceylon airing the same old programmes in the morning upto 8-30 AM.!!
Bye now.More on this later.


sumi said...

Its rare to find someone loving Radio for its "old world charm" and the sound quality . the mass of today are accostumed to the digitally remastered and remixed versions of old gems from hindi films.only a handful of channels still air the unaltered versions of these songs.

krishnanguruvayur said...

i too used to like radio ceylon vividh bharati with its jay malaprogram and aap ki pasand . also the madhur geetham program for south indian languages