Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nostalgic Memories on Music

I am a person interested in listening to old Hindi Film songs and my hobby is to collect old Gramophones and gramophone records particularly that of old Hindi films. I have a fairly good collection of old records. I still enjoy listening to radio music from my old Murphy Radio and UMS brand Radio.I will be writing on old Hindi film songs .I invite all to read them


sumi said...

Congrats on your new blog.I am sure music lovers have much to learn from connoisseurs like you.Eagerly waiting for your posts..

Jay's music world said...

Thanks for encouraging a newcomer!I will start earnestly in a couple of days.

Karen said...

I have a few questions for you about some lp records that i hope you can answer. Since you have so many yourself and you have seen so many pass by.

1) Purab aur Paschim has two lp versions one is the double and one is the single. I want to know how hard is it to find the double lp in India, i know the single one is easy but how rare is the double one? Me and my friend both want the double one really bad!

2)how many cover/jacket versions does the film Shalimar have. I know it has the really cool pull out one and the normal opening one but are there any more? And again how hard is the intricate cover one to find

3) do you know of any other lp or lp's that have coll crazy covers?

Jay's music world said...

Old Hindi film records are available at Gramophoneworld.com. You can give indent and in case they have them they will parcel to your Indian address.
Lp covers used to come in single and as also 'two in one' jackets usually with dialogues from the film.
eg. film Mughal-e Azam.
Single LP with jackets with two pockets had also come.eg. Film Sholey with only dialogues.The beauty is it can be opened like the centrespread of newspaper .