Sunday, February 21, 2010


Jaysworldofmusic , while in Dubai, also took the opportunity to go to the grand Dubai Cricket Stadium to see the ODI between England and Pakistan on the 19th February. Last year, around this period, Jays..... had visited the stadium for the inaugural match staged there between Australia and Pakistan. At that time the stadium was just ready for the match and the surroundings were not as developed as it is now.

The inside of the stadium is a great sight to see with efficient seating arrangements, wonderful shadow free lighting, and velvety lush green out field. The lighting for the ground is unique.Unlike the usual towers, floodlights are fixed around the entire ground on top of the stadium and the entire stadium looked like a huge indoor stadium. A great sight indeed!!

The match between England and Pakistan did not rise up to the expectations.England won despite the large number of vociferous Pakistani supporters who thronged the stadium. Seeing an international match at a great international stadium is always a memorable experience.

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