Monday, March 1, 2010

Dubai Tennis Again

It was with great expectation that I made a brief visit to Dubai this year as I wanted to see Roger Federer and other top players in action Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships once more. But as ill luck would have it, Federer withdrew at the last moment with a lung infection and Nadal did not even enter the draw. Other top players like Andy Roddick, Llewton Hewitt, Soderling, Verdasco etc. did not participate. Nicholai Davydenko, Andy Murray, Tsonga etc., did not survive early rounds. To cap it, the final between Djokovic and Youshney on the 27th February was washed away by rain when Djokovic was leading by a set. The Championship was finally won by Djokovic in three sets the next afternoon. What an uninspiring end to a usually outstanding Tour event!!

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