Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am delighted to hear the songs of recently released Malayalam film, 'ORUNAAL VARUM', a Mohan Lal film, directed by T.K.Rajiv Kumar. The music score is by famous playback singer M.G.Sreekumar, comparatively new in the field of music direction in films. The songs are highly refreshing with beautiful lyrics by Murukan Kattakkada and soulful singing by Sreekumar, Chithra and young singers , Swetha, Nishad and Preethi Warrier. Even on hearing them for the first time the tunes make one sit up and listen as the harmonious blending of the traditional and the modern notes in the background are that much compelling.

The song ,'Paadan ninakkoru', sung as a duet by Chithra and sreekumar and also as a solo by Chithra, is the best of the lot for its lyrical charm, simplicity of tuning, melody and the nuances of singing. The song, Maaavin chottile', sung separatively by Swetha and Sreekumar, will take one nostalgically and emotionally back to his/her childhood days. This song is an excellent example for lyrics, composing and involved rendering combining to make a song heartwarming and enjoyable.The song, 'Pranaya nilavu' by Nishad and Preethi Warrier is also outstanding.

Yes, this album offers a delightfully different listening pleasure. Congratulations to M.G.Sreekumar and his team.


Haddock said...

Must listen to this album.
And I am sure Mohanlal must have done justice to the role and the songs.

raju said...

The reviews on the movie and the script are not that very good. Hope the music will compensate.