Monday, July 5, 2010


While writing about 'Disco Dancer', I was reminded of another highly popular pop singer. Nazia Hassan, who again, like Vijay with the song, 'I am a disco dancer', was catapulted into the world of pop and play back singing, to capture the hearts of millions of music lovers of India and Pakistan, with her first song, 'Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye', from film ,'Qurbani'. Out of the six songs of the film, five were composed by music directors Kalyanji Aanandji and the song ,'Aap jaisa koi', was written and composed by Biddu, who later teamed with Nazia to produce a few highly popular albums millions of copies of which were sold in India, Pakistan and other Asian counties. Nazia Hassan, with her exceptional beauty, the girl next door image and sweet husky voice well suited for pop and melodies, became the darling of the masses with this one song. In fact the biggest single factor along with the glamour of heroine Zeenat Aman, for making the film,'Qurbani', a super hit, was the song ,'Aap Jaisa'.

Nazia Hassan went on to sing for several films like Star, Dilwala, Ilsam, Saaya etc. But the songs did not catch the attention of listeners. But when she released her Album, 'DISCO DEEWANE', in the year 1982, it became an instant hit and millions of copies were sold. The songs were composed by Biddu and the lyrics of some of the songs were by Nazia and her highly talented younger brother Soheb. Three duets in the album were sung by Nazia and Soheb. The title song, 'Disco Deewane', was the best of the lot.

Nazia went on to release a few more outstanding albums like,'Star-boom boom', Young Tarang,Camera Camera etc. Music lovers were expecting much more from her. But suffering from a dreaded disease and a difficult marriage, her life was cut short at the young age of thirty-five in the year 2000.


Jesica Reese said...

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Vani Gill said...

Some songs of her are very famous and so wonderful specially qurbani.
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